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I hope you are well!  It is spring like weather today here in Prior Lake Minnesota, my hometown on the edge of the Prairie.  The birds are singing.  We have some interesting news today!

Our cute and determined 14 year old identical twin neighbor girls (Chloe and Carlie) who have always loved animals, have turned it into a sport.  Today they will be riding in the ceremonial start of the Iditarod – the legendary long-distance Alaska 1000 mile dogsled race. The girls met another pair of dogsled racing twins, Anna and Kristy Berington, who live in Alaska and were featured on an episode of HGTV’s “Living Alaska”.  Carlie and Chloe fell in love with the dog-sledding sport at the age 10 when their parents took them for their first ride.  Uffda...

The girls started by saving their money to buy a second hand sled and harnesses and began training their two cocker spaniels to pull the sled.  They took many recreational dogsledding trips in Minnesota and eventually got their own dog mushing team of six dogs.  Through much training and support of their parents and brother they dreamed of someday riding in the Iditarod race.  Funny their father, John, has had to chase down the team of dogs a few times when one of mushers fell off.  The dog team can go quite far without a musher in control.

The race starts at 1:00 p.m. Minnesota time (10 a.m. Alaska time)! Carlie will be riding behind Kristy Berington and they are starting in 11th place.  Chloe and Anna Berington are about 38th in the line-up. There are roughly 70 mushers and they take off at 2 minute intervals. There are two good ways to watch the ceremonial start of the race on Saturday in Anchorage. For the first time, the race will be aired in the lower 48 states on the sportsmen’s channel! You can also watch live streaming from Alaska’s KUU T.V. – Here are the two links:   

Have a Fun Saint Patrick's Day!    

Best,  Lady Loon